LMI Welding Inc. now offers a rear seat lift kit for full sized General Motors trucks.

    This all new product is made to lift the rear seat in the full sized 2008 and newer C-1500 through C-3500 crew cab trucks. The 2 1/2 inch lift makes it possible to install aftermarket speakers and audio equipment as well as creating a very usable space for storage of many other things under the rear seat.

    The LMI 0825 GM kit raises the entire rear seat 2 1/2 inches yet still allows use of all the features of the factory seat including the seat bottom fold up function. The LMI 0825 GM is an easy bolt in installation and requires no special tools to complete the job. We provide the brackets to raise the seat as well as the brackets needed to extend the seat belt mounting points. The catch mechanism on the back of the seat is lowered by means of a bracket that uses the original plastic insert, relocated in an exclusive bracket designed by LMI Welding Inc. This bracket safely relocates the insert to make the fold up feature work flawlessly. We also include all the bolts, nuts and hardware needed for the installation.

    The LMI 1425 GM kit raises the rear seat 2 1/2 inches in the 2014 and newer C-1500 through C 3500 Crew Cab and Extended cab Trucks. The kit has all the same features as the 0825 GM however the Latch assembly is different than on the 0825 GM. The 1425 GM does not use the latch extensions as does the earlier model. The changes we made to accommodate the new style latch allows the seat back to be folded down or securely latched in the upright position.

    All our lift kits are built from steel sheets and cut with a CNC machine before being formed in a series of hydraulic bending machines. This procedure insures that our product will fit properly in your truck. The product is then finished in our powder coating facility with a beautiful semi gloss black texture finish that very closely matches the factory interior parts.
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Click on each picture to enlarge.
Pictures are shown with speaker enclosures made by Supercrew Sound at www.supercrewsound.com

Pricing on this kit is $145.00 plus $18.00 shipping and handling. ORDER TODAY